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        In fact, the process of twists and turns is also the process of competition among the three major sectors, sub new shares, cyclical stocks and financial stocks. In particular, the strength of the real estate stocks, especially Vanke, once reached the trading limit in the afternoon, which may not be a healthy signal in fact, because if it is caused by the performance factors of Vanke, it is not today's thing. The performance of Vanke has been announced a few days ago, and today is nothing but making use of the problem.


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        Because there will be a European Cup match in the next summer, and this year, Chelsea will introduce more players to the Bundesliga. So recently, some media have predicted that there will be 5 Bayern players and 3 Chelsea players in the start of the German team. Such a situation is rare. Ludwig, hafts and Werner are indeed capable players. A group of young players emerged in the Bundesliga last season can indeed be added to the national team's lineup. The performance of these three generals of Chelsea will also be the top priority.

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        If it is stronger this morning, two o'clock in the afternoon is a high point, because the 90 minute sequence will be 9 times higher, but this high level is not high. What's more, if the morning goes weak directly, there will be no sequence in 90 minutes.

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