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        The so-called ICO is the initial token raising. On the surface, there is only one word difference between ICO and IPO. In fact, they are basically the same. Of course, issuers will try their best to explain the difference and try to get rid of the suspicion of securities issuance. IPO issues stocks and collects RMB. ICO issues tokens and collects bitcoin. But where does the general public come from? So behind bitcoin is still the legal tender, that is, the renminbi, whether ICO or IPO, is issued for uncertain objects, if only private, then the impact will not be so great, of course, the bubble will not be so great, the wealth effect will not be so great, the social harm is relatively controllable, if we want to say the difference, that is, IPO has supervision, there is a trial, there is disclosure, and ICO Li Xiaolai can raise 180 million US dollars with a plan, with a valuation of 5 billion US dollars, which is known as absolute "5 billion US dollars air". What is this kind of behavior that is not illegal financial behavior? In typical illegal fund-raising, if the management doesn't take action, it is dereliction of duty.

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